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Is Silver a Good Investment? Current price today: 23.622 USD (-0.0635%)

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"Should I invest in Silver?" "Should I trade "SI" commodity today?" According to our Forecast System, Silver is an acceptable long-term (1-year) investment*. "SI" commodity predictions are updated every 5 minutes with latest Silver prices by smart technical market analysis. Q&A about "Silver" exchange projections.
At we predict future values with technical analysis for wide selection of commodites like Silver (SI). If you are looking for commodites with good return, Silver can be a profitable investment option. Silver price (per ounce) equal to 23.622 USD at Aug 3, 2023. Based on our forecasts, a long-term increase is expected, the "SI" commodity price prognosis for Jul 26, 2028 is 30.035 USD per ounce. With a 5-year investment, the revenue is expected to be around +27.15%. Your current $100 investment may be up to $127.15 in 2028.
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7 days forecast

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Silver Forecast, Short-Term "SI" Commodity Prediction for Next Days and Weeks

SI prediction details
SI (SI) forecast
                                    & exchange price prediction for next days, SI future

Silver (SI) Forecast, Long-Term Predictions for Next Months and Year: 2023, 2024

SI prediction details
SI (SI) price
                                    forecast, prediction, SI future price

Silver forecast* for tomorrow, and next weeks based on the last 30 days

Silver forecast for the upcoming days
DatePriceMin PriceMax Price
2023-08-04Price: 23.961Min: 23.146Max: 24.727
2023-08-07Price: 24.002Min: 23.208Max: 24.845
2023-08-08Price: 23.960Min: 23.130Max: 24.816
2023-08-09Price: 24.034Min: 23.190Max: 24.831
2023-08-10Price: 24.068Min: 23.260Max: 24.882
2023-08-11Price: 24.268Min: 23.480Max: 25.016
2023-08-14Price: 24.309Min: 23.520Max: 25.174
2023-08-15Price: 24.267Min: 23.524Max: 25.120
2023-08-16Price: 24.342Min: 23.477Max: 25.138
2023-08-17Price: 24.375Min: 23.569Max: 25.176

SI Target Price

SI price target in 14 days: 25.291 USD* upside and 22.963 USD* downside. (Highest and lowest possible predicted price in a 14 day period)

Detailed Trend Components of the Silver Price Forecast & Prognosis

SI prediction details
SI (SI) price
                                    forecast, Foreig exchange prediction components, SI                                    future price

Pivot, Resistance and Support Levels

Calculation For Trading:
Resistance Level (R3): 25.139
Resistance Level (R2): 24.863
Resistance Level (R1): 24.340
Pivot Point: 24.064
Support Level (S1): 23.541
Support Level (S2): 23.265
Support Level (S3): 22.742

Bullish or Bearish?

Based on the last 30 days

Questions & Answers about Silver Projection

What is the Silver price today?

The price of Silver is 23.622 USD (per ounce) today.

Will Silver price grow / rise / go up?

Yes. The SI price can go up from 23.622 USD to 25.446 USD in one year.

Is it profitable to invest in Silver commodity?

Yes. The long-term earning potential is +7.72% in one year.

Will SI price fall / drop?

No. See above.

What will Silver price be worth in five years (2028)?

The Silver ("SI" ) future price will be 30.035 USD.

Will SI price crash?

According to our analysis, this will not happen.

Will Silver price hit 100 USD price in a year?

Not within a year. See above.

Will Silver price hit 200 USD price in a year?

Not within a year. See above.

Will Silver price hit 500 USD price in a year?

Not within a year. See above.

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SI icon Silver (SI) Price Prediction (per ounce), Forecast for next months and years

Below you will find the price predictions for 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028.
DateOpening priceClosing priceMinimum priceMaximum priceChange
Silver Price Forecast for 2023September 2023Open: 24.922Close: 24.124Min: 24.124Max: 25.091Change: -3.31 %▼
Silver Price Forecast for 2023October 2023Open: 24.066Close: 24.316Min: 23.967Max: 24.319Change: 1.03 % ▲
Silver Price Forecast for 2023November 2023Open: 24.336Close: 24.304Min: 24.249Max: 24.336Change: -0.13 %▼
Silver Price Forecast for 2023December 2023Open: 24.251Close: 24.254Min: 24.127Max: 24.279Change: 0.01 % ▲
Silver Price Forecast for 2024January 2024Open: 24.365Close: 24.919Min: 24.365Max: 24.919Change: 2.22 % ▲
Silver Price Forecast for 2024February 2024Open: 24.918Close: 25.526Min: 24.883Max: 25.526Change: 2.38 % ▲
Silver Price Forecast for 2024March 2024Open: 25.492Close: 25.431Min: 25.379Max: 25.578Change: -0.24 %▼
Silver Price Forecast for 2024April 2024Open: 25.535Close: 25.525Min: 25.525Max: 25.902Change: -0.04 %▼
Silver Price Forecast for 2024May 2024Open: 25.500Close: 25.139Min: 24.954Max: 25.500Change: -1.44 %▼
Silver Price Forecast for 2024June 2024Open: 25.213Close: 24.665Min: 24.665Max: 25.242Change: -2.22 %▼
Silver Price Forecast for 2024July 2024Open: 24.675Close: 25.586Min: 24.659Max: 25.586Change: 3.56 % ▲
Silver Price Forecast for 2024August 2024Open: 25.580Close: 26.011Min: 25.516Max: 26.021Change: 1.66 % ▲
Silver Price Forecast for 2024September 2024Open: 26.146Close: 25.233Min: 25.233Max: 26.210Change: -3.62 %▼
Silver Price Forecast for 2024October 2024Open: 25.202Close: 25.458Min: 25.110Max: 25.470Change: 1.01 % ▲
Silver Price Forecast for 2024November 2024Open: 25.409Close: 25.391Min: 25.382Max: 25.457Change: -0.07 %▼
Silver Price Forecast for 2024December 2024Open: 25.411Close: 25.489Min: 25.264Max: 25.489Change: 0.31 % ▲
Silver Price Forecast for 2025January 2025Open: 25.536Close: 26.001Min: 25.530Max: 26.039Change: 1.79 % ▲
Silver Price Forecast for 2025February 2025Open: 26.078Close: 26.608Min: 26.078Max: 26.639Change: 1.99 % ▲
Silver Price Forecast for 2025March 2025Open: 26.682Close: 26.638Min: 26.517Max: 26.710Change: -0.16 %▼
Silver Price Forecast for 2025April 2025Open: 26.659Close: 26.691Min: 26.659Max: 27.032Change: 0.12 % ▲
Silver Price Forecast for 2025May 2025Open: 26.633Close: 26.251Min: 26.093Max: 26.633Change: -1.45 %▼
Silver Price Forecast for 2025June 2025Open: 26.334Close: 25.815Min: 25.815Max: 26.370Change: -2.01 %▼
Silver Price Forecast for 2025July 2025Open: 25.805Close: 26.705Min: 25.776Max: 26.707Change: 3.37 % ▲
Silver Price Forecast for 2025August 2025Open: 26.665Close: 27.097Min: 26.653Max: 27.104Change: 1.59 % ▲
Silver Price Forecast for 2025September 2025Open: 27.243Close: 26.371Min: 26.371Max: 27.342Change: -3.31 %▼
Silver Price Forecast for 2025October 2025Open: 26.362Close: 26.544Min: 26.255Max: 26.602Change: 0.68 % ▲
Silver Price Forecast for 2025November 2025Open: 26.576Close: 26.529Min: 26.513Max: 26.592Change: -0.18 %▼
Silver Price Forecast for 2025December 2025Open: 26.553Close: 26.637Min: 26.390Max: 26.637Change: 0.31 % ▲
Silver Price Forecast for 2026January 2026Open: 26.651Close: 27.121Min: 26.630Max: 27.159Change: 1.73 % ▲
Silver Price Forecast for 2026February 2026Open: 27.194Close: 27.720Min: 27.194Max: 27.748Change: 1.9 % ▲
Silver Price Forecast for 2026March 2026Open: 27.803Close: 27.763Min: 27.658Max: 27.838Change: -0.15 %▼
Silver Price Forecast for 2026April 2026Open: 27.807Close: 27.824Min: 27.800Max: 28.155Change: 0.06 % ▲
Silver Price Forecast for 2026May 2026Open: 27.731Close: 27.362Min: 27.238Max: 27.731Change: -1.35 %▼
Silver Price Forecast for 2026June 2026Open: 27.451Close: 26.947Min: 26.947Max: 27.493Change: -1.87 %▼
Silver Price Forecast for 2026July 2026Open: 26.961Close: 27.789Min: 26.900Max: 27.825Change: 2.98 % ▲
Silver Price Forecast for 2026August 2026Open: 27.842Close: 28.334Min: 27.784Max: 28.334Change: 1.74 % ▲
Silver Price Forecast for 2026September 2026Open: 28.365Close: 27.534Min: 27.534Max: 28.487Change: -3.02 %▼
Silver Price Forecast for 2026October 2026Open: 27.491Close: 27.677Min: 27.374Max: 27.731Change: 0.67 % ▲
Silver Price Forecast for 2026November 2026Open: 27.712Close: 27.694Min: 27.644Max: 27.726Change: -0.07 %▼
Silver Price Forecast for 2026December 2026Open: 27.684Close: 27.752Min: 27.519Max: 27.752Change: 0.24 % ▲
Silver Price Forecast for 2027January 2027Open: 27.730Close: 28.241Min: 27.730Max: 28.280Change: 1.81 % ▲
Silver Price Forecast for 2027February 2027Open: 28.312Close: 28.829Min: 28.312Max: 28.854Change: 1.79 % ▲
Silver Price Forecast for 2027March 2027Open: 28.920Close: 28.911Min: 28.783Max: 28.962Change: -0.03 %▼
Silver Price Forecast for 2027April 2027Open: 28.922Close: 28.921Min: 28.900Max: 29.278Change: -0.01 %▼
Silver Price Forecast for 2027May 2027Open: 28.821Close: 28.565Min: 28.363Max: 28.821Change: -0.9 %▼
Silver Price Forecast for 2027June 2027Open: 28.577Close: 28.104Min: 28.096Max: 28.629Change: -1.68 %▼
Silver Price Forecast for 2027July 2027Open: 28.083Close: 28.908Min: 28.032Max: 28.939Change: 2.85 % ▲
Silver Price Forecast for 2027August 2027Open: 28.972Close: 29.455Min: 28.911Max: 29.455Change: 1.64 % ▲
Silver Price Forecast for 2027September 2027Open: 29.511Close: 28.664Min: 28.664Max: 29.628Change: -2.96 %▼
Silver Price Forecast for 2027October 2027Open: 28.584Close: 28.808Min: 28.498Max: 28.858Change: 0.78 % ▲
Silver Price Forecast for 2027November 2027Open: 28.848Close: 28.825Min: 28.777Max: 28.861Change: -0.08 %▼
Silver Price Forecast for 2027December 2027Open: 28.840Close: 28.831Min: 28.652Max: 28.854Change: -0.03 %▼
Silver Price Forecast for 2028January 2028Open: 28.948Close: 29.431Min: 28.948Max: 29.431Change: 1.64 % ▲
Silver Price Forecast for 2028February 2028Open: 29.439Close: 30.046Min: 29.439Max: 30.046Change: 2.02 % ▲
Silver Price Forecast for 2028March 2028Open: 30.081Close: 30.002Min: 29.910Max: 30.103Change: -0.26 %▼
Silver Price Forecast for 2028April 2028Open: 30.119Close: 30.109Min: 30.109Max: 30.423Change: -0.03 %▼
Silver Price Forecast for 2028May 2028Open: 30.012Close: 29.727Min: 29.488Max: 30.012Change: -0.96 %▼
Silver Price Forecast for 2028June 2028Open: 29.730Close: 29.171Min: 29.171Max: 29.770Change: -1.92 %▼
Silver Price Forecast for 2028July 2028Open: 29.208Close: 30.035Min: 29.208Max: 30.035Change: 2.76 % ▲

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  • markieja_9116
    a year ago

    So far this website's prediction of the price of Silver has been off the mark at best....A waste of my time and money.

  • gmannia_3136
    2 years ago

    I dont quite agree with this accessment since lithium batteries will require silver in the coming EV auto transformation and ultra green future.  Not to mention the massive inflationary atmosphere and reality that covid 19 has unleashed!

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