MicroStrategy Plans $750M Stock Sale

A New Purchase: 420 BTC

In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency, MicroStrategy, a renowned software developer, has once again made headlines. The company recently announced the acquisition of an additional 420 Bitcoin (BTC). This strategic move has bolstered their total holdings to a staggering 152,800 BTC, an amount equivalent to $4.46 billion. This purchase, announced on Tuesday, follows their previous announcement in June, demonstrating the company’s unwavering commitment to the digital currency.

The company’s Chief Financial Officer, Andrew Kang, elucidated the strategy behind this acquisition. He stated that the company had adeptly raised capital through their at-the-market equity program. This capital, coupled with cash from operations, was then utilized to augment the Bitcoin on their balance sheet. This strategic approach underscores MicroStrategy’s confidence in the potential of Bitcoin and its commitment to increasing its holdings.

Financial Performance: A Closer Look

MicroStrategy’s financial performance in the second quarter of 2023 provides an interesting insight into the company’s operations. The software business reported a revenue of $120.4 million, marking a slight 1.4% decrease from the same period last year. However, this minor dip in revenue is overshadowed by a significant reduction in operating expenses.

Operating expenses plummeted by an impressive 88.2% compared to the previous year. This substantial decrease can be attributed largely to a significantly smaller impairment loss on its BTC holdings this quarter, compared to Q2 2022. This demonstrates the company’s ability to manage its cryptocurrency holdings effectively, minimizing losses and maximizing profitability.

Insulation from Bitcoin Volatility

During an earnings presentation on Tuesday, MicroStrategy made a bold assertion. The company claimed that its core business operations remain insulated from the near-term volatility of Bitcoin prices. This statement underscores the company’s confidence in its strategic approach to managing its Bitcoin holdings.

While the company continues to accumulate Bitcoin, it has also increased its cash holdings since Q4 2022, from $43.8 million to $66 million. This balanced approach to asset management demonstrates the company’s commitment to maintaining a healthy cash reserve while also investing in the potential of Bitcoin.

Raising Capital: A $750 Million Stock Sale

In addition to its Bitcoin purchases, MicroStrategy has unveiled plans to raise up to $750 million through a stock sale. The proceeds from this sale are earmarked for general corporate purposes, including the acquisition of more Bitcoin and working capital, subject to market conditions.

This move aligns with the company’s strategy under the leadership of Chairman Michael Saylor. Saylor has been instrumental in steering MicroStrategy towards a heavy involvement with Bitcoin, overseeing the purchase of billions of dollars worth of the digital currency since the onset of the pandemic. He has raised funds for these purchases through traditional means, such as selling more of the publicly traded company’s equity and bonds.


MicroStrategy’s recent moves in the cryptocurrency market underscore its position as a major player in the industry. The company’s strategic acquisitions, coupled with its plans for a significant stock sale, demonstrate a strong commitment to Bitcoin and a confidence in its potential. As the cryptocurrency landscape continues to evolve, MicroStrategy is poised to remain at the forefront, leveraging its strategic approach to maximize its holdings and profitability.