Binance Wins Operational License in Dubai

Binance, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, has crossed a major regulatory milestone in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) by securing an Operational Minimum Viable Product (MVP) license from the Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority (VARA) in Dubai.


Regulatory Odyssey: A Timeline of Binance’s Journey

Binance’s stride towards gaining regulatory approval in Dubai has been a drawn-out endeavor. In September 2022, Binance obtained a preparatory MVP license, marking the first step in this regulatory journey. Subsequently, the company received a provisional license in March 2023, which further cemented its foothold in the Emirate. Fast forward to the present, Binance’s acquisition of the operational license represents the third stage of a rigorous four-stage licensing process.


The Operational MVP License: An Overview

The Operational MVP license confers upon Binance the authority to provide a gamut of financial services. These services include operating a cryptocurrency exchange and acting as a virtual asset broker-dealer, thus expanding the suite of services Binance can offer in Dubai.

Moreover, eligible investors, including institutional and qualified retail investors, can now avail themselves of services such as crypto-to-fiat exchanges that adhere to the stringent standards set by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF). However, the range of services enabled by this license is, for the moment, confined to those who satisfy specific eligibility criteria.


Binance User Eligibility in Dubai: A Closer Look

To use Binance in Dubai, an investor needs to fulfill several conditions. This includes being a “qualified retail client,” a status that comes with a set of specific prerequisites.

Potential users need to be aged 21 or above and must be capable of evidencing 500,000 United Arab Emirates dirhams ($136,000) in net liquid assets, substantiated by documentary proof such as bank statements and proof of funds. Furthermore, applicants are required to provide valid identification documents like passports, visas, and supply proof of a valid UAE address along with their contact details.


VARA’s Regulatory Framework: Scrutiny and Compliance

Binance’s journey towards full regulation has not been without scrutiny. In April 2023, VARA solicited additional information about Binance’s business requirements, indicating an intention to tighten the regulatory reins in the Emirate. Binance dutifully provided all the requested information, highlighting its willingness to collaborate and comply with regulatory authorities.

VARA’s stringent framework, which Binance has been steadily navigating, encompasses compulsory rulebooks concerning general operations, compliance, and market conduct requirements.


The Final Hurdle: Full Market Product (FMP) License

As Binance clears the third stage of Dubai’s licensing process, the remaining license – the Full Market Product (FMP) – stands as the final hurdle to complete regulation in the jurisdiction. The awarding of this license is contingent on Binance demonstrating full compliance with all existing rules.


Global Challenges and Triumphs

Binance’s triumph in Dubai arrives amidst a flurry of regulatory challenges in various global markets, including the U.S., Germany, Austria, Belgium, and the Netherlands. However, the UAE licensing progression speaks volumes about Binance’s commitment to regulatory compliance, even as it gears up to re-enter the Japanese market.



Binance’s achievement in acquiring the Operational MVP license in Dubai epitomizes the exchange’s ability to adapt and align itself with complex regulatory landscapes. As the cryptocurrency giant moves towards achieving full regulation in Dubai, the development undeniably sets a positive precedent for its broader global regulatory journey.